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Rain asked:

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be? Why?

The dinosaurs! I am so crazy about dinosaurs. I mean, the SIZE of them! How are they not awesome? I would love to go back and see them–safely, of course. David and I had a Jurassic Park marathon recently and we were talking about how few safety precautions the island had, and given the billions of dollars poured into this project, it would’ve been relatively simple to make the island safe. What idiots those (fictional) people were.

If you could only watch one more (or read one book) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Questions like these make me insane just to consider. I would get so sick of anything I decided on!

My favorite book is Catcher in the Rye. I read it when I was 12, and it’s safe to say I’d never felt understood until then. Of course, that sounds ridiculous now and I quickly figured out there are millions of people as cynical and Holden-esque as I am, but it’s still my favorite no matter how many literary gems I’ve since discovered. I own my dad’s old copy, printed in 1966, and it’s dog-eared, musty, and falling apart. Needless to say, it’s one of my most prized possessions.

I couldn’t pick one favorite movie. I guess I wouldn’t want to watch anything depressing over and over, so I’d probably choose to watch the Harold & Kumar series. Those movies make me laugh uncontrollably no matter how many times I’ve seen them.

monk-monk asked:

Who do you want it to seem you made the right choice for? Society? Your baby when he grows up? Yourself?

This was a hard question to answer, because the wording indicates I want anyone to think I made the right choice, and I don’t. The adoption I went through with was unnecessary in many ways. I don’t want anyone to think I made the right choice–it is impossible to have that be true and to not have that say something bad about me. I’m not trying to escape the negative light that my choice paints me in, but I disagree that I would be a bad parent in any way.

As for the baby’s opinions on it when he grows up, that will be up to him. I’m certain he will have a happy, fun-filled, privileged life growing up with his parents, so if he tells me someday that he is glad he was adopted and he doesn’t want to know me, other than to thank me for giving him something better, I’ll have to accept that. But only from him. I will never ever accept that point of view from anyone else.

free-bairn asked:

I guess the questions I’d like to ask are what, besides finding a vocation, have you always wanted to do? You know, things like travel to another country, or what have you…

Well, you mentioned traveling. I’ve already traveled quite a bit. My family has gone to the UK, Mexico, Canada, Scotland, Paris, Amsterdam, and Italy, and we have relatives on both the east and west coast. Amazing, right? I am lucky to have been so many places. But family trips constituted waking up at seven every morning and marching around the city with my family, visiting churches and museums until late in the evening. My mom would literally make a color-coded itinerary and cram as many Rick Steves recommendations, family arguments, and stress into a day as possible. So my wish is to travel sans family.

When I was 20, I made a long “life list” and I still have it. I wanted to own a couture gown, meet an alien, go hang-gliding, buy a vespa, and start a dance party in a public place. What’s really sad is that, now, I crave having a family and I don’t care about much else. Of course I still want to pet a tiger and dive off a cliff, and whatever else, but it doesn’t matter as much anymore. Not even close.

Thanks for entertaining me with questions. I have been incredibly bored, with school ending and my hours at work getting cut at the same time. At least my apartment is clean now.


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  • Robyn C says:

    “I don’t want anyone to think I made the right choice–it is impossible to have that be true and to not have that say something bad about me.”

    Why? I don’t understand. If adoption was the right choice, then, you’re a bad person? That’s what I’m reading into this statement. I’m sorry if I’m not reading it right.

  • freebairn says:

    I understand about all the other things losing their luster. That’s all I wanted for years too was to have a family. In fact, that’s all I wanted when I realized I was pregnant. I had it in my mind that a family was a certain kind of thing that comes a certain kind of way…i.e., there was a mother and a child and a father who is very much interested in their well-being. Now I recognize that family comes in many different forms.

    When you get your couture gown, I hope you take plenty of pictures…I can’t wait to see you in it! And I hope I’m invited to the dance party. :)

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